1. Swing around on webs like spiderman.

2. Go through a black hole, but be warned: the shock and terror can wake you up. I've done it. :D

3. Fly.

4. Become a body builder.

5. Have a false awakening, these are fun but strange.

6. Explore the depths of the Atlantic Ocean without gear

7. Experience all five of your senses(smell, taste, feel, hear, and see)

8. Transform into your favourite animal

9. Heal your body or a wound

10. Fly over an alpine valley in a wingsuit

11. Go snowboarding or ice skating

12. Memorize details of your dream and try to draw them

13. Create the worlds greatest painting then make it in your waking life

14. Dream you just woke up from the matrix

15. Board a space shuttle

16. Decide the world should be made of chocolate.

17. See what heaven and hell looks like in your mind.

18. Take yourself to a blank landscape. Then, with the power of your mind, change the shape of the ground. Add trees and buildings and make your own city or garden like you would in a game such as SimCity.

19. Control the weather.

20. Punch-out your fears.

21. Travel trough places you've never been (Paris, Tokyo, New York, London, etc...).

22. Pilot a giant robot.

23. Make an object much bigger on the inside than it is on the outside (like the TARDIS).

24. Go to space.

25. Create a mini-universe.

26. Ask the dream questions.

27. Solve waking problems.

28. Stop the time.

29. Travel through time and visit ancient civilizations or go to the future.

30. Become invisible and fool your enemies and impress your friends.

31. Change the direction of the gravity.

32. Do sports.

33. Go to a parallel universe.

34. Ask a dream character what part of your subconscious they represent.

35. Recreate your favourite scene from a film.

36. Go to Area 51.

37. Try to read something in your dream and see if it is easy or not.

38. Create an apocalypse.

39. Summon your girlfriend.

40. Take a ride on a rollercoaster.

41. Walk on water.

42. Jump off a building (can cause false awakings, so make sure to do a reality check afterwards).

43. Clone other dream characters or yourself.

44. Frighten other dream characters.

45. Taste local dishes.

46. Do some parkour and free running.

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