Low Definition Viewing occurs in a semi-lucid state of dreaming, where the consciousness grapples to come into awareness yet it has not fully succeeded in its attempt.

The name Low Definition Viewing was so given to describe the blurry quality of images constantly slipping in and out of focus, and in some cases the periphery of vision may appear dark and obscure, as if looking through a hole in the door. Dreamers in this phase may experience a paralysis of the dream body, and this could lead to a sense of panic or confusion. A theory put forth to explain the condition of paralysis in the dream would be due to the individual's psychological over attachment to the physical body, resulting in a pseudo false awakening that is unable to separate the mind's body from the body in waking reality.

With practice in proficiency to attain greater lucidity in dreams, this temporal phase will gradually be overcome. A key reminder would be that though this particular experience could be uncomfortable, it is in fact a form of progress that the mind is coming to terms with in learning a new skill.

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