There are many ways of flying in a dream. However, not every technique is equally successful for everyone.

  • "Swimming" through the air. Moving one's body as if swimming, through propel oneself through the air. May be physically exhausting, however.
  • Flying like a bird: flapping one's arms/wings serves to propel oneself through the air. (Note: sometimes takes painfully long to gain altitude--not recomended for quick escapes)
  • Superman/Neo-style: very high-speed flying, without any effort to speak of. Superman style involves one of the arms outstretched like that of the famous do-gooder, and the Neo style involves both arms lying straight, downwards towards the hips.
  • Using a jetpack: Simply find/create one, put it on, and fly off! A simple technique!
  • Moving one's "body consciousness" upwards. This is done by moving the awareness of your body up, and your physical body will follow.
  • Visualizing the ground as a trampoline or similar surface, and propelling yourself off it to amazing heights
  • "Corporal tilt". Lift is produced by leaning forward to become parallel with the earth, at which point you have maximum repulsion from the ground (you feel like you are losing your balance, but instead of falling you move upwards). Standing straight reduces the effect to nothing so that landings can be achieved.
  • Simply struggling to fly until you learn to effortlessly move through the air. This technique requires very low levels of lucidity but takes lots of practice and is very slow.