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Finger Induced Lucid Dream (FILD, but also known as Hargarts' Induced Lucid Dream) is a lucid dream induction technique. It is a sub-type of the Wake Initiated Lucid Dream method. FILD can also be used for chaining dreams. It was originally posted on Dream Views by a poster with the username Hargarts.

FILD, if practiced effectively, tricks your brain into entering a dream, mostly by moving your dream body. You must generally be very tired to FILD. The main characteristic of this technique is moving your index and middle fingers.

Here is an example of a FILD attempt:

  1. I wake up after three hours of sleep. I feel exhausted.
  2. I lay back and alternate movements of my middle fingers and then my index fingers, like playing two keys on a piano. Middle finger press; middle finger lift. Index finger press; index finger lift.
  3. After about twenty seconds, I do a RealityCheck. I find that I am in a dream.
  4. Do not count the movement of your fingers in your mind or counting the time, cause all of this odds will keep you awake.

References Edit

Hargarts' post on the technique: [1]

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